patches to vendor source trees - discussion

Gareth Pearce
Sun Nov 11 19:10:00 GMT 2001

> The thing I've been protesting all along is the directory structure. The
> point being that its non-trivial to grab a couple of packages and
> rearrange to suit the user.
> having the pristine source + 1 patch + the extracted dir means it is
> easy and obvious what the user has to do to move the source elsewhere.

and putting them in their own subdirectory named by the packaged would make
it nice and trivial to move them arround or delete them or find them.
Hence my design choice.

> Secondly, IMO setup.exe should _ask_ where the source should go, not
> extract into /usr/src. The rpm way, at this point, becomes a hinderance.
> (How many CYGWIN directories do you want hanging around?).

I think I like asking where to put it, and that way is compatable with mine
as well.
So long as you can set it to remember.
*pondering* Maybe we could have a .setuprc?

> Rob

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