patches to vendor source trees - discussion

Robert Collins
Mon Nov 12 10:06:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 6:34 AM
Subject: Re: patches to vendor source trees - discussion

> > Secondly, IMO setup.exe should _ask_ where the source should go, not
> > extract into /usr/src. The rpm way, at this point, becomes a
> > (How many CYGWIN directories do you want hanging around?).
> I think I just changed my mind...
> I now support #3 ... under the following condition
> that the setup 'ask where to install' allows support for an option
> 'in subdirectory by name' which takes the src package name and unpacks
it in
> a directory under the directory specified, named by taking the tarball
> going from start of name till first - or . (probably -).  So that I
> then put that as my default - and be happy.

I'll accept patches for this. IMO it's unneeded, but I've no objection
as long as it's not the default option.

> That combination thus allows for #3 and #4 in one.


> Although I do think that some sort of standard for the name of
> where built things are put, relative to the install directory, would
> good.  Which #1 #4 but not #3 have ... as far as I can remember.

#3 does - they get build under the source tree. I.e. in .build and


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