-src package standard: proposal #5 and #5a

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Mon Nov 12 13:13:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

> This is false. That "one patch" just creates the CYGWIN-PATCHES, which
> can thus contain as many ready to apply patches as you need. Which
> package is it - ncurses? - that this causes you grief with and I'll show
> you what I mean.
> b and c are not part of my proposal, never have been.

!!!! I know.  That's my point.  Your proposal CANNOT handle certain 
problems.  Sure, you *could* have .patch create another patch (blech -- I 
HATE meta-patches...) but you CAN'T create a binary file using text tools, 
like patch.exe -- that is, until Corinna made sharutils an official package 
yesterday.  (Blech again.)

> Show me the packages. I'll do the hard work.

Okay, I've got to run to a concert, but I'll show you some problematic 
packages when I get back.

Note: haven't looked closely at your script below, will do later. 
Observation: external proggie like cygbuild has only been obliquely 
mentioned prior to this point; are you making it a central feature of your 
proposal now?

> Ok, this sounds reasonable... how about this script though.
> ====
> #!/bin.sh
> echo "unpack the source archive, apply the patch, and then optionally"
> echo "build the package for you using the script found in "
> echo "<srcdir>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/ to build this package."
> echo "Call this script like \"cygbuild packagenameandversion\""
> echo "add --build to cause the package to be built"
> ...
> <not real script>
> dirname = sed rule on $1
> packagever = sed rule on $1 to remove cygwin version
> if [test -d $dirname ]; then
>   mv dirname dirname.old
> fi
> tar xjf ${packagever}-src.tar.(bz2|gz)
> cd dirname
> patch -p1 ../$1.patch
> cd ..
> if (--build was passed)
>   ${dirname}/CYGWIN-PATCHES/${1}.sh all
> fi
> ===
> That could be put in /bin by a package - call it cyghelper - and called
> something like cygbuild, and is global for all packages. And setup.exe
> doesn't need to extract the inner source, it can just look for cygbuild
> and if it's there invoke it appropriately (ie without --build).

Again, I'll address this script + cygbuild later...

>>Now, if setup.exe is going to (eventually) unpack and patch, why
> include

(um, this ^^^ was a rhetorical question...)

> I'm lazy. I actually want to get setup calling out to cygwin programs
> that can do that - ie rpm --magic-parameters or apt-get source. Minor
> stuff along the way seems a good compromise to get things moving (to
> me).

> Thats trivial Chuck. Shar the tarball to make it 7 bit safe, put it in
> CYGWIN-PATCHES and then just make your patch. have the build script
> apply that patch AS IT GOES.

Oh god.  Not shar ...

> Again, I see no point in getting this much stuff into setup. Setup can
> call out to programs to do this. Folk wanted a gui to get source, the've
> got one.

> Again, not needed. point me at a problem package, and I'll set it up in
> src + 1 patch format.

Okay, I'll take you up on that, when I get back...

Gotta run.


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