Shouldn't /bin/cygcurl-2.dll from curl-7.9.1-1 be stripped ?

Robert Collins
Tue Nov 13 22:01:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Corinna Vinschen" <>
> > The better solution (in my opinion) is if:
> >  a) The OpenSSL package could be tweaked to come with DLLs (the
> >     binary available at has DLLs should it shouldn't be
> > tough)
> Sigh.  I'm not that keen to do that.  It makes extra work which I
> don't like at all...

And I don't think its needed from an export issue, or else openSSH
wouldn't be ok. Lastly, dynamic linking doesn't seem to make an
exception, or else things like evolution+SSL, which is dynamically
linked, would be ok to export.


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