Lapo Luchini
Thu Nov 15 03:53:00 GMT 2001

I just packaged a new version:
1) support for --no-detach for using as a server with cygrunsrv
2) (very) small documentation on using as a service

The good news is that the --no-detach patch was made for a different
version, so I began examining rsync sources... I hope sooner or later to
correct the "read bug" completely (either that or 2.4.7 gets released
before, should have that problem automatically solved I think).

Files are at the usual location:

New comments in the rsync-2.4.6.README:


Mini-HOWTO to use as a service:

1) be sure to have a valid /etc/rsyncd.conf ("man rsyncd.conf" for help)

2) to install service: ("cygrunsrv --help" for help)
   cygrunsrv -I "rsyncd" -p /home/administrator/rsync-2.4.6/rsync -a
'--daemon --no-detach'
3) to remove service:
   cygrunsrv -R "rsyncd"

Port Notes:

I applied Wayne's anti-hang patch to avoid some read error (daemon mode
produces "read error: Connection reset by peer" at the very end of
transfer though).
You can find the patch here:

I also applied no-detach patch to permit use as a service with cygrunsrv
(as in the exaple above).

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