Is CVS setup.exe (tip) supposed to work?

Robert Collins
Thu Nov 15 19:06:00 GMT 2001

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> From: Gary R. Van Sickle []
> Rob (in particular),
> Should a setup.exe built from CVS 'work'; i.e., should it 
> allow me to simply run
> it and then download and update stuff?  I have not had any 
> success with that
> recently.  As of right now with setup.exe 2.150, as built 
> from CVS, I get the
> following list of download sites:

Any released branch (ie the categories branch) should _ALWAYS_ work
100%. HEAD may from time to time be broken, and if that happens, drop a
note here (as you have).

> 	H
> 	Other URL

Hmm, methinks I've broken something. What options are you selecting as
you run setup?
> The "H" is new as of the build I just completed, and
> is where I 
> normally go for updates.
> Selecting it and "Next"ing GPFs.  Expected?  Is there a way I 
> can set up a
> 'local mirror' or some such contrivance soas to be able to 
> work on  it?

You can setup a local mirror, by changing the URL that the mirrors.lst
is downloaded from to point to your own webserver - just don't check
that change in :].

As for this problem, try running setup under gdb and seeing whats going
on here though.


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