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Robert Collins
Thu Nov 15 21:17:00 GMT 2001

Redirected to cyg-apps, where setup is on topic.

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From: "Norman Vine" <>

> >...OK, build's done.  The problem I had caused is fixed, and now I'm
> >exactly the same errors Norman reported.  The only executables that
end up
> >getting build are cygwin1.dll, mingwm10.dll, and setup.exe.  To wit:
> Yup..
> I have been having the same problem with setup.exe for several weeks,
> symptoms are as you described over on cygwin-apps.  I haven't brought
it up
> in that I hadn't found any clue as to why yet and had assumed it was a
> problem I hadn't heard anyone else speakup

Ok, I'm only going to say this once.... (famous last words?) .... and
I'm saying it in the hope that bug reporting behaviour for setup.exe
will change. IOW I won't harp on this, although I may repeat from time
to time for newcomers.

1) If something is broken, drop a note off to the list. I don't bite
2) Me-toos when someone else sends in a note are only useful for the 1st
me-too. (And then only if the poster said "I think this is just me -
anyone else seeing it?". If you are reading mail oldest first, do not
reply with a me too, until you've seen that there have been no

I'm saying this now, because until recently we've not had a lot of
dev-conversation on setup.exe on this list, so the ground rules haven't
been clear.

Norman, your message was ok, because it was the first me-too :}, so take
this as a general email, not one targeted at you!


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