Remove cinstall src directory from snapshots

Robert Collins
Thu Nov 15 21:37:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Paul G." <>
> > Hmm, do you have those logs by any chance? 'All' setup.exe needs is
> > w32api, mingw, zlib and libbz2
> I actually put the source in a place separate from the cygwin
> tree, so that may have been the problem.  If running under Cygwin
> environment, the -mno-cygwin is selected by setup make (thus the
> mingw32 default).  I am assuming a Cygwin build environment since the
> Mingw compiler (gcc/g++) has no need for a -mno-cygwin switch.

That will have been the issue. cinstall needs common makefile elements
from the winsup directory, as well as the bz2lib directory and w32api.
I'll accept patches to make cinstall build when isolated from the winsup
directory, and use the system installed w32api and bz2lib and optionally
zlib as long as the following holds true:
1) Building in the winsup tree is not affected (ie the way it builds now
keeps working).
2) Cross compiling as it is now keeps working, and preferrably the
isolated source also cross compiles without trouble.

> Afaik, the only gcc build that needs that particular switch is the
> Cygwin version.

Yes, it's there to emulate mingw's gcc behaviour, which it simply does
by changing the lib and include search paths.

> Unfortunately, and I am likely mistaken on this point, Cygwin gcc
> appears to require cygwin1.dll, doesn't it?  Then there is ld, bash,
et. al.
> as well for Cygwin build.  automake, autoconfig, et. al. are futher
> considerations as they will not run without the cygwin1.dll being
> somewhere (Cygwin bash?) for as long as you are using Cygwin build
> environment, right?

For clarity: When you say cygwin build env, do you mean a a) cygwin1.dll
source tree + build tree, or do you mean b) a pc with cygwin installed,
including cygwin's gcc et al?

Taking b) as what you mean..
Most .exes installed by cygwin are linked directly against cygwin1.dll,
so yes bash/perl/ash/make all need cygwin1.dll. However, they need a
installed version, and don't need libcygwin1.a when you are build
software with -mno-cygwin.

> > Actually, setup.exe is a mingw app, not a cygwin app, so having no
> > cygwin source should be fine.
> Can setup.exe be built without Cygwin being installed?

I'm not sure what you mean. I build setup.exe on linux very happily,
which AFAIK counts as not having cygwin installed :}.

If you mean, can a mingw install of gcc build setup.exe, in theory yes -
as long as you have awk/sed/bison/flex/make/gcc/binutils/sh happily
installed. If you don't have that, you may ned to spend quite some time
fiddling the makefiles and finding replacements for bison/flex.


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