[RFP] misc from cygutils

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri Nov 16 01:17:00 GMT 2001

I've posted two new versions of the 'misc' package at cygutils.

     removed uuencode and uudecode, since they're now
       provided by Corinna's sharutils
     removed my (poor) implementation of mktemp in favor of the
       one from courtesan.com, which is now provided by the
       official 'mktemp' package
     TRIED to make things a bit more platform-neutral...
     conv.exe now does 'the right thing' when the executable is
       renamed to 'dos2unix.exe' and 'unix2dos.exe' (default
       behavior changes).  Previously, conv.exe only recognized
       'd2u.exe' and 'u2d.exe' as "special" names.

     added source code for the IPC utilities from the Linux
       Programmer's Guide.  This was a request from Robert Collins.
     BUT: binary package does NOT contain these executables.  If it
       did, then sourceware would have to distribute cygipc, until
       the "official" IPC support gets in to cygwin, and misc is
       rebuilt against that.  So, IF you have cygipc installed, then
       the sourcecode will compile OOB and give you the LPG tools.
       BUT the binary version of misc-0.9.4 doesn't include them.

In addition to the sourcecode tarballs at the normal cygutils page, I've 
  put a 'cygwin-standard' -src and binary package here:


The binary package contains:
   conv.exe     -- generic line-ending converter
   d2u.exe      -- should be obvious...
   ascii.exe    -- charset dumper
   dump.exe     -- hexdumper
   putclip.exe  -- copy stdin to windows clipboard.
   getclip.exe  -- copy windows clipboard to stdout
     (these do not use /dev/clipboard)

So, three questions:

1) can I add misc to the official dist?

2) can anybody come up with a better name?  This package is intended to 
be a grab-bag of simple utilities (each executable requires only a 
single source code file of moderate length).

3) Did I make the right decision w.r.t. the IPC tools?  Eventually we'll 
have real, built-in IPC and those tools can then be distributed without 
requiring cygipc...


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