question about perl -i bug

Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Nov 17 07:16:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Ralf,

2001-11-28 17:49:17, du schriebst:

>> > in I have
>> > reported a bug with perl.
>> > My question is if this bug is fixed ? I have read that gerrit Haase has
>> > tried to compile perl. Does he have success ?
>> In the current version it is the same as before, no inplace editing without
>> backup is possible.

> But you say, that there is somebody, who can compile and make a distribution
> of perl.


> I'm asking, because I want to look into the source to prepare a patch if nobody
> else will do this.
> This fix would remove one needed patch for the kde port (6 times in every kde package in
> admin/Makefile.common)

That would be great, please checkout bleadperl to do the patch!

rsync -auvz rsync:// /target/directory

If you have questions about how to compile, feel free to ask.

If a patch gets accepted by the perl5-porters then it is in the next release.
I suggest this will happen soon so I plan to make no more releases of the 5.6

And if it is neccessary to do so it would be easy to integrate it there too.

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