setup current problems

Charles Wilson
Sun Nov 18 16:11:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

> I've found the problem with setup, and am preparing a new version now.
> FYI it's an infinite loop caused by the packages autoconf and
> autoconf-devel (amongst others) depending on each other.

Bleah -- but I tested this earlier.  It worked...or at least I thought I 
was exercising the proper code path; I specifically wanted to make sure 
that cyclic dependencies were okay.

I guess my earlier 'test' didn't really *test* what I thought it was 
testing...sorry for the trouble, folks.

BUT: the dependency loop NEEDS to be there -- becuase those packages ARE 
mutually dependent.  It's just that setup needs to traverse the loop 
only once and terminate. :-)


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