setup current problems

Charles Wilson
Sun Nov 18 16:39:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

> Yes, which is why I'm fixing setup, not hammering on your door about
> setup.ini :}.

Okay, well while you're mucking with the setup code, I've got a question 
for you:

1) joe user has the autoconf package installed on his system.  in the 
past, autoconf depended only on cygwin, perl, m4

2) now, the new version of autoconf depends on cygwin, perl, m4, AND 
autoconf-devel + autoconf-stable.  (I KNOW that joe user doesn't have 
autoconf-devel/stable installed because they are brand new packages)

Q: will setup automatically select autoconf-devel and autoconf-stable if 
joe chooses to update his autoconf to the new version?  Why?  (merely 
because -stable and -devel are NEW, or because of the new dependency 
specified by setup.ini for autoconf itself?)

Q: what if the new dependency was on a package -- say, 'squid' -- that 
has been around a long time, and joe has previously skipped (so now it's 
"permanently" skipped).  Will setup present 'squid' as a new required 
dependency and automatically select it if joe decides to update his 
existing autoconf?



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