David Starks-Browning
Wed Nov 21 02:55:00 GMT 2001

On Tuesday 20 Nov 01, Christopher Faylor writes:
> >1) Does still exist? If so, where is it?
> Yes.  It's directly under latest.  Mind you, it won't work anymore since
> it doesn't include bzip2.exe, though.  I've been waiting for someone to
> complain about this before adding bzip2.exe (although I've just taken
> more time to type this message than it would take me to add bzip2.exe to
> the archive).  Or, should I just remove all references to

Assuming that there is a technical reason to keep
(failsafe if setup.exe breaks?  paying customers who can't use
setup.exe?), then it should work, so needs bzip2 support.  But that
doesn't mean we have to advertise its existence on
< >.

There is currently a "README" file that is only visible if you attempt
to download manually via ftp.  This is where we could explain that
they *really* should be using setup.exe, and document the alternative
installation method(s), in case they are downloading manually for good

I don't mind re-writing that readme file (again), as it's overdue for
a re-write anyway.  (As long as there is no rush...)


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