-src package standard: proposal #5 and #5a

Paul G. pgarceau@qwest.net
Wed Nov 21 17:38:00 GMT 2001

On 21 Nov 2001 at 12:48, the Illustrious Robert Collins wrote:

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> From: "Paul G." <pgarceau@qwest.net>
> > Now, to the issue at hand:
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> > Complete Source?
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> > Finally, for those who don't care about dependencies, and typically
> > download "All" the source, there is added a new category
> defined/called
> > "Cygwin -- Complete Source" (for lack of a better description).
> This is a good point, one I hadn't considered. Added to the wishlist.

	Thanks for considering it.
> However:
> IMO setup.exe as a installer/bootstrapper should not manage source code
> trees
> - download yes
> - install/build/update no.

	Makes sense to me.  Besides, if managing source code trees is the goal, then I think that CVS already covers 
most of that functionality.

	Setup isn't really designed for managing source code trees.

	Downloading/installing source code it can do.  Guess the real question is what should the default -src package be 
on an Install/download using setup.exe.  My suggestion, in that case, would be the last stable -src package release, 
which, I have assumed, is default behaviour for setup.exe where source code archives are involved.

> I think I've been consistent about this :}. I think that there should be
> tools for the users to apply to the downloaded source, and that they
> should be able to use setup.exe as a batch tool to grab source.
> The rpm BuildReq and deb Build-depends tags are identical afaict - they
> specify what _binary_ packages are needed to build a given source
> package.
> i.e. to build curl+ssl one needs (in a fully split up package world),
> libcygwin-dev, libssl-dev. And they in turn depend on libcygwin and
> libssl.
> I like the concepts you've outlined, 

	Thank you.

>but I think it's much better to
> leverage the existing batch style tools for either rpm or debs that
> provide the same capabilities. Which means either convert those tools to
> work with cygwin packages, or get setup to work with those tools :}.
> Sigh.
> Rob

	Paul G.

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