nano-1.0.6-1 installs .mo files in /lib/locale

Gareth Pearce
Sun Nov 25 02:53:00 GMT 2001

reply to myself... seems good...
> > Hi
> >
> > Shouldn't that be /usr/share/locale or at least shouldn't we have a
> symbolic link
> > from /lib/locale ---> /usr/share/locale ?
> newbie package maintainer at work ... thanks for pointing that out...
> Will fix that ... umm soon *mutters about exams* probably sometime
> tonight**.

Okay well 'tonight' (tuesday) didnt eventuate obviously

Thought I should reply back that I am working on things (exams finally
over) - however it wasnt just a simple configure --datadir option problem
since the default is correct - it appears nanos configure setup is rather
broken for the po directory - and due to my incompetance with configure ...
I havent made a patch just yet.

Hopefully will work out what I am going to do soon though... with exams over
I do have some time finally.


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