Remove cinstall src directory from snapshots

Paul G.
Mon Nov 26 17:58:00 GMT 2001

On 27 Nov 2001 at 12:16, Robert Collins wrote:

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> From: "Paul G." <>
> > > Hmm, do you have those logs by any chance? 'All' setup.exe needs is
> > > w32api, mingw, zlib and libbz2
> >
> > I actually put the source in a place separate from the cygwin
> > tree, so that may have been the problem.  If running under Cygwin
> > environment, the -mno-cygwin is selected by setup make (thus the
> > mingw32 default).  I am assuming a Cygwin build environment since the
> > Mingw compiler (gcc/g++) has no need for a -mno-cygwin switch.
> That will have been the issue. cinstall needs common makefile elements
> from the winsup directory, as well as the bz2lib directory and w32api.
> I'll accept patches to make cinstall build when isolated from the winsup
> directory, and use the system installed w32api and bz2lib and optionally
> zlib as long as the following holds true:
> 1) Building in the winsup tree is not affected (ie the way it builds now
> keeps working).
> 2) Cross compiling as it is now keeps working, and preferrably the
> isolated source also cross compiles without trouble.
> > Afaik, the only gcc build that needs that particular switch is the
> > Cygwin version.
> Yes, it's there to emulate mingw's gcc behaviour, which it simply does
> by changing the lib and include search paths.

> > Unfortunately, and I am likely mistaken on this point, Cygwin gcc
> > appears to require cygwin1.dll, doesn't it?  Then there is ld, bash,
> et. al.
> > as well for Cygwin build.  automake, autoconfig, et. al. are futher
> > considerations as they will not run without the cygwin1.dll being
> linked
> > somewhere (Cygwin bash?) for as long as you are using Cygwin build
> > environment, right?
> For clarity: When you say cygwin build env, do you mean a a) cygwin1.dll
> source tree + build tree, or do you mean b) a pc with cygwin installed,
> including cygwin's gcc et al?

	The latter (b).  I have both Cygwin and Mingw installed (pc w/cygwin & pc 

> Taking b) as what you mean..
> Most .exes installed by cygwin are linked directly against cygwin1.dll,
> so yes bash/perl/ash/make all need cygwin1.dll. However, they need a
> installed version, and don't need libcygwin1.a when you are build
> software with -mno-cygwin.

	Ok.  Means I could just "download from the cvs to the Cygwin1.dll source tree + 
build tree".  Probably an assumption where setup.exe is concerned.

	Wasn't sure if libcygwin1.a was linked or not when -mno-cygwin was used.  
Assumed that cygwin1.dll is not linked when -mno-cygwin switch is used.

> > > Actually, setup.exe is a mingw app, not a cygwin app, so having no
> > > cygwin source should be fine.
> >
> > Can setup.exe be built without Cygwin being installed?
> I'm not sure what you mean. I build setup.exe on linux very happily,
> which AFAIK counts as not having cygwin installed :}.

;-) yep, sure does.

> If you mean, can a mingw install of gcc build setup.exe, in theory yes -
> as long as you have awk/sed/bison/flex/make/gcc/binutils/sh happily
> installed. If you don't have that, you may ned to spend quite some time
> fiddling the makefiles and finding replacements for bison/flex.

	Fortunately, Mingw supports Mingw built versions of awk/sed/make/bison/flex 
(cygwin1.dll+libcygwin1.a are not used).  sh, however, may be another question.  Earnies' 
MSYS may handle that in the future.  There is an sh available for Mingw, but I seldom 
use it so can't really address it here.

	Paul G.

> Rob

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