libresolv and resolv.h

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Nov 28 08:55:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Lapo,

2001-11-28 17:41:45, du schriebst:

>   in trying to port new rsync-2.4.7 (preview 4) I discovered that CygWin
> doesn't contain a pre-compiled libresolv, I did some search on the
> mailing list and discovered that can be compiled OOTB from some bind
> version (that is neither 9.2.0 or 8.2.5)... but I was thinking:
> a) of course "everyone can compile it, as it's easy", but couln'd a
> precompiled package be more useful?

The problem with bind is that the resolver library doesn't work correct,
I have problems using it for an Exim port, i.e. the service lookup in
/etc/services doesn't work so it wouldn't help much to have it.
I have also problems using nslookup, maybe it is the same cause.

> b) is really needed to build a resolver when the underlying winsock
> already do that? couln't a "stub" libresolv be easier and smaller to do?

That is the point, winsock is there and needs only to be accessed.
What we need is a wrapper around winsock.  So the unix apps can call
their res_query or whatever from libresolv which is in fact winsock.

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