rsync README and <>

David Starks-Browning
Tue Oct 9 04:08:00 GMT 2001

(*sigh* -- I hope this is the right list...)


Thank you for providing rsync as a Cygwin package.

I was just about to write to the rsync maintainers and complain about
this web page < >.  It was just
cited in the rsync mailing list yesterday as a guide for using rsync
on Windows.

That page is rather old (Oct 1999) and gives advice that contradicts
the "Cygwin way".  It recommends putting cygwin1.dll in
C:\WINNT\System32, for example.  (The good news is, the ftp link
doesn't work.  It probably would have contained on old cygwin1.dll
without source! :-)

On the other hand, that page does give some helpful advice about
running rsync in daemon mode.  There is nothing comparable in

Would you consider expanding your README file to provide this
information?  Then we could tell the rsync maintainers to get rid of
that web page altogether.  (Or better, replace it with a pointer to
Cygwin.)  I don't like to put information like this in the FAQ.

Thanks again for maintaining rsync.  I use it myself.  (Though not in
daemon mode, otherwise I would volunteer to write those instructions


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