Packaging cURL for cygwin distribution ???

Roth, Kevin P.
Thu Oct 11 15:00:00 GMT 2001

There exists a command-line http (and ftp, and more) client
called cURL (along with its back-end library named libcurl) 
that I would like to see added to the cygwin setup.ini. I
realize there's a moratorium in effect on new packages, and
I'm happy to simply post an announcement to the Software
listing on (for now ;-)

Before I do that, I have a question:

cURL's configure script includes an option "--disable-shared". 
I *think* "--enable-shared" is the default, however I don't
really understand exactly what these options mean.

Is there any best practice about whether or not these options 
should be used for cygwin builds?

I've built it both ways, and it seems to run just fine (under 
cygwin as well as directly from DOS) in both configurations.

For what it's worth:

a: I ran a search on the cygwin-apps archive, and didn't 
   find any reference to curl. Thus, I assume no one
   else is already working on this.

b: Because cURL already compiles (and tests) cleanly under 
   cygwin, I expect no great difficulty in creating binary 
   and source tarballs, however I haven't actually done so yet.


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