Packaging cURL for cygwin distribution ???

Christopher Faylor
Thu Oct 11 15:16:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 06:00:03PM -0400, Roth, Kevin P. wrote:
>There exists a command-line http (and ftp, and more) client
>called cURL (along with its back-end library named libcurl) 
>that I would like to see added to the cygwin setup.ini. I
>realize there's a moratorium in effect on new packages, and
>I'm happy to simply post an announcement to the Software
>listing on (for now ;-)
>Before I do that, I have a question:
>cURL's configure script includes an option "--disable-shared". 
>I *think* "--enable-shared" is the default, however I don't
>really understand exactly what these options mean.
>Is there any best practice about whether or not these options 
>should be used for cygwin builds?
>I've built it both ways, and it seems to run just fine (under 
>cygwin as well as directly from DOS) in both configurations.

What kind of shared libraries does it produce?

I don't think that it really matters either way.  Personally,
I'd have a preference for the default configuration, though.

>For what it's worth:
>a: I ran a search on the cygwin-apps archive, and didn't 
>   find any reference to curl. Thus, I assume no one
>   else is already working on this.
>b: Because cURL already compiles (and tests) cleanly under 
>   cygwin, I expect no great difficulty in creating binary 
>   and source tarballs, however I haven't actually done so yet.

This sounds like a good candidate for a new cygwin package once
the moratorium has been lifted, which should be soon if I can
get off my butt and finish up some stuff.

It would make sense for you to bundle up a standard package and
offer it on the software section.  And, maybe even
announce it in . Then you might get a little
feedback before it becomes an official cygwin package.

Btw, thank you for a well-researched and on-topic contribution
to cygwin-apps.  I think this is your first post and you got
everything right!


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