Packaging cURL for cygwin distribution ???

Gerrit P. Haase
Thu Oct 11 23:24:00 GMT 2001

Roth, Kevin P. writes:
>>Before I do that, I have a question:
>>cURL's configure script includes an option "--disable-shared". 
>>I *think* "--enable-shared" is the default, however I don't
>>really understand exactly what these options mean.
>>Is there any best practice about whether or not these options 
>>should be used for cygwin builds?

Does it build .dll libraries, say libcurl.dll?
And do the executables linked against it work along with this dll?
Well then it is o.k. to use the shared version.

cgf writes:
>What kind of shared libraries does it produce?
>I don't think that it really matters either way.  Personally,
>I'd have a preference for the default configuration, though.

'ruby' doesn't build a shared libruby.dll by default (on cygwin), 
but it is better because easier to get additional modules loaded
as it is in perl, too.  Else the main executable always needs 
to be recompiled if a new module is added.  So not always is the
'default' the best option (IMHO).

Another question: Now, since we have libcurl, do you know of other
packages that make use of libcurl?  Have you tried to build one?



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