curl, libcurl, libcomprex, leakbug (was:Re: Packaging cURL for cygwin distribution ???)

Roth, Kevin P.
Fri Oct 12 09:50:00 GMT 2001

>> Gerrit P. Haase schrieb am 2001-10-12 14:08:
>>But we will figure out how to build them:)

Wow! Vielen dank (...thanks...) for taking the time to do this. I have
almost zero knowledge/understanding of these tools (autoconf, libtool,
etc) and as such would not have come up with this "fix" for creating a
DLL. For what it's worth, the guy who maintains the minGW build of cURL
seems to use a different strategy, though I don't really know how
different the final outcome is. (From looking, he appears to use a pair
of custom Makefile.m32 files in the lib/ and src/ directories)

Also: thank you Gerrit for copying me on your most recent email, since
I'm not on the cygwin-apps list (apparently it's by invite only). Also,
thank you Christopher for the compliments. Yes, this was my first post,
and I'm sure I learned more by scouring through the archives than I
would have by asking dumb questions and getting tired, battle-weary
answers (if I got any at all)...

I am willing to be the person that compiles and uploads new cygwin
tarballs for cURL (to the curl downloads page, from which perhaps
Christopher or Corinna can grab them). They seem to be coming out every
month or so lately. But if one of you would rather subscribe to the
curl-announce list, and be responsible for compiling new versions for
cygwin, that would be fine with me too ;-)

I will ask the curl maintainer (Daniel Stenberg) to add in your changes
(-no-undefined and AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL), and see whether he has any
problem with that. This package is also actively built using minGW, so
I'm hoping those changes don't conflict in any way with the minGW

I will also ask if he has any suggestions on how best to go about
setting up the automated Cygwin tarball creation process (I'll try to
summarize the rules for him). But if he and I have further questions, do
you mind if I shoot a note back to you (and/or cygwin-apps) for more

I noticed your example had a DLL name of cygcurl-2.dll. The DLLs (and
libs) from the mingw version are named:
   137134  09-25-01 03:21   libcurl.a
      771  09-25-01 03:01   libcurl.def
   140524  09-25-01 03:25   libcurl.dll
    19726  09-25-01 03:25   libcurldll.a
Is there any specific reason to use cygcurl-2.dll instead of
libcurl.dll? If so, could you either explain the reason to me or point
me to a previous discussion of this issue (or both)?

Thanks much,

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