Packaging cURL for cygwin distribution ??? (was:RE: curl, libcurl, libcomprex, leakbug)

Roth, Kevin P.
Fri Oct 12 11:47:00 GMT 2001

> cURL package is full libtoolized and they use also
> autoconf 2.52 so it was the easiest way to add a macro to 
> and the LDFLAG to, but i also 
> needed to remove one macro call in ...

What macro did you remove? I couldn't find any mention of it
in the diff you posted.

> Depends on where you want to compile it, cross-compilation is 
> a special issue where i cannot help much because I don't use 
> linux (nowadays).

Actually I wasn't thinking of cross-compilation, so much as just
creating a shell script, which could be part of the curl
distribution (in the packages sub-directory somewhere), that 
I could run to make cygwin tarballs out of a standard curl
distribution... I'm sure I could throw one together, but I know
it wouldn't be very sophisticated.


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