Autotools; new versions

Charles Wilson
Mon Oct 15 09:24:00 GMT 2001

> the scripts:
>   Since these are brand new, it would be naive to suppose that they were 
> perfect.  However, they are feature-complete.  the only changes that 
> would be required are (a) bugfixes and (b) update the option-parsing to 
> track changes in newer auto*devel releases.  Both sorts of changes are 
> minimally intrusive, and easy -- it's only shell script, after all.  And 
> have I ever abandoned a contribution of mine in the past?

I've just noticed one bugfix that I'll provide soon (if this whole 
endeavor is not a dead end).  newlib does AC_PREREQ(2.5) -- but my 
current scripts will interpret that as != 2.13 and use the development 
branch.  cygwin (winsup) has a mix of AC_PREREQ(2.12) and 
AC_PREREQ(2.13).  So, I need to change the logic to call auto-stable 
when AC_PREREQ <= 2.13...


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