cURL packaging progress

Roth, Kevin P.
Tue Oct 16 10:47:00 GMT 2001

I've made some progress towards getting cURL into a proper cygwin binary
package. I've gotten Gerrit's changes to and
included into the upstream package. Now I'm working on creating the
binary build process, and I've run into a few more questions. Could some
kind soul take a shot at these for me?

 1: cURL comes in two flavors -- with and without SSL support.
    SSL support requires OpenSSL. The choice is made during
    ./configure (e.g. --with-ssl or --without-ssl). The default
    seems to be --with-ssl.

    For cygwin binary tarballs, do we need to make BOTH available,
    or is it a safe bet that anyone with Cygwin also has OpenSSL?

 2: If we need to make both flavors available, is there any feature
    in cygwin-setup.exe that can support installing one or the 
    other but not both?

 3: cURL's "standard" for where to place package-specific files
    is <srcdir>/packages/Cygwin/*. Cygwin's standard seems to
    be <srcdir>/CYGWIN-PATCHES. Since my goal would be that
    there AREN'T any cygwin-patches, is it considered acceptable
    to have a cURL-7.9-src.tar.gz (source tarball) with the 
    cygwin-specific stuff in an alternate location like this?
    If so, then you can actually use the main cURL distribution
    as your cygwin source tarball without making ANY changes to it...

 4: Is there a commonly used "name" for cygwin binary tarballs?
    I'm trying to decide how to label the cygwin-specific
    "make" target. For example, cURL already has the ability 
    to `make rpm` and `make pkgadd`. I'd like to add a
    `make cygwin-binary-tarball`, but don't know what to call it.

 5: I'd love to see the prefix of "/usr" coded into one of cURL's
    autotools-related files (, so that, whenever
    configuring on (or for?) cygwin, I don't have to specify
    "--prefix=/usr" every time. Is there any commonly used method
    of doing this? It seems to me that this default should be
    hard-coded into auto-tools...

Thanks for all the help so far,

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