cURL packaging progress

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Oct 16 12:29:00 GMT 2001

> Roth, Kevin P. schrieb am 2001-10-16 15:00:

I don't know whether you are subscribed now, so I send you this mail 
directly, too, but please let us use 'only' the list, I'm subscribed
so I'm getting every mail twice.

>> > 4: Is there a commonly used "name" for cygwin binary tarballs?
>> >    I'm trying to decide how to label the cygwin-specific
>> >    "make" target. For example, cURL already has the ability 
>> >    to `make rpm` and `make pkgadd`. I'd like to add a
>> >    `make cygwin-binary-tarball`, but don't know what to call it.
>> It is the same as in unix curl-1.2.3-x.tar.gz
>> Main difference is the extension '-x' which is the release number.
>> Sources should also unpack into '1.2.3-x'.
>I had already realized this convention. My question had more
>to do with creating the build scripts. In Solaris, you have
>"pkgadd" modules, in Linux you have RPM's... In Cygwin, is there
>any standard name for a cygwin binary tarball?

Not that I'm aware of at the moment.

>> > 5: I'd love to see the prefix of "/usr" coded into one of cURL's
>> >    autotools-related files (, so that, whenever
>> >    configuring on (or for?) cygwin, I don't have to specify
>> >    "--prefix=/usr" every time. Is there any commonly used method
>> >    of doing this? It seems to me that this default should be
>> >    hard-coded into auto-tools...
>> No, don't do this, everyone who wants to build should be able to type
>> in --prefix=/usr if he likes to, default is always /usr/local.
>The binary cygwin installs should always install to /usr, but if
>someone downloads the source for a cygwin package and makes it
>themself, it will default to /usr/local. If they don't pay enough
>attention, they'll end up with two different copies installed
>(I did this with libtool by accident the first time). I assume then
>that this is normal behavior, and is considered to be "OK"?

Yes, if I build a package myself I will uninstall a cygwin package
before doing it.  But also I'm installing 'standard' packages always
in /usr so the original will be clobbered.



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