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Your message is not clear in the sense that teTeX has two main part:
binaries and TDS.
The first one is OS specific: the cygwin package provides the basic
[tex,latex,pdftex,pdflatex,dvips,makeindex,...] and suitable scripts in
TDS/web2c directory ...
Further the TDS is assumed to be /usr/share/texmf

My suggestion to solve your problem is:
1] install your (teTeX) TDS directory somewhere (if needed);
2] remove the TDS/web2c directory (or rename it);
3] link your TDS to /usr/share/texmf ;
4] reinstall the cygnus tetex package to provide the correct binaries
and script;
5] for more information read:


6] let me know if any trouble;

Good LaTeXing,

[cygnus teTeX porter]

"Ivan N. Popivanov" wrote:
> Hi,
> I had tetex packages installed, I set the TEXMFCNF variable to point to my
> web2c directory, but when I run "kpsewhich --expand-var '$TEXMFMAIN'" I'm
> getting: //share/texmf. Moreover, it texconfig fails even if I put the
> full path in TEXMFMAIN.
> To install Tex both the texmf and the source code should be downloaded and
> built. What are the exact steps to install it in cygwin? Seems that the
> binaries are installed on the system, but how to connect them to the Tex
> directory?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ivan

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