cURL packaging progress

Robert Collins
Tue Oct 16 15:37:00 GMT 2001

Kevin, I presume you will be creating a /usr/doc/curl-7.9.1/README file
that at a minimum lists the configure options you used to allow a user
to rebuild the package.. (I'm not sure that this convention is
documented outside this lists archives).

If so then that README should also be included in your src tarball, so
that a user who uninstalls the binary when they grab the source doesn't
lose the info.

That means you will be repacking the tarball anyway, so renaming isn't
that hard :].


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Subject: RE: cURL packaging progress

Considering it appears I was BCc'd (and the list wasn't copied), I'm
responding just to you two.

I believe curl will be completely cygwin compliant (with all necessary
readme's, etc) as it is distributed from For this reason,
I could do one of two things for submitting source tarballs to cygwin
(once curl is accepted as an official package):

1: submit in original form (meaning it will unpack as curl-7.9.1),
   we could easily change the name of the tar file to match.

2: download, untar, 'mv curl-7.9.1 curl-7.9.1-1', retar. This sounds
   more work, considering I would "typically" never expect to make any
   cygwin releases that didn't correspond to new curl releases. In other
   words, in most cases there will never be a curl-7.9.1-2.

I'm guessing #2 is your preference, however I'm just wondering if you're
open to accepting #1 in this case (obviously if there WERE a need to
release an interim cygwin version, it would then have to be named
appropriately and repackaged...)


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> From: Charles Wilson [ ]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 4:18 PM
> To: Corinna Vinschen
> Subject: Re: cURL packaging progress
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Oops, Chris missed the release number in the example:
> >
> >   curl-1.2.3-1.tar.bz2
> >
> > The source analogous
> >
> >   curl-1.2.3-1-src.tar.bz2
> >
> > The source should unpack into a directory exactly named as the
> > archive
> >
> >   curl-1.2.3-1/
> Oops. I didn't know this. I've been doing <srctop> = curl-1.2.3, not
> curl-1.2.3-1.
> --Chuck

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