cURL packaging progress

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Oct 17 00:44:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins schrieb am 2001-10-17, 8:39:

>Kevin, I presume you will be creating a /usr/doc/curl-7.9.1/README file
>that at a minimum lists the configure options you used to allow a user
>to rebuild the package.. (I'm not sure that this convention is
>documented outside this lists archives).

Isn't the 'Cygwin'-README always located/named at 

>If so then that README should also be included in your src tarball, so
>that a user who uninstalls the binary when they grab the source doesn't
>lose the info.
>That means you will be repacking the tarball anyway, so renaming isn't
>that hard :].


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