Autotools; new versions

Charles Wilson
Wed Oct 17 22:16:00 GMT 2001

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Okay, next attempt is up at
> the updated setup.ini file indicates the packages you should use for the 
> "new" version.
> Changes:
>   /usr/autotool/stable  &  /usr/autotool/devel
>   use stable version if VER <= 2.13, devel version else.
>    (Previously, used stable ver IFF VER == 2.13.  Doh!)
>   split up my build script into separate ones so that single
>     packages can be built/tar'red/etc, instead of all-at-once.
> I haven't yet installed this or tested it, but I wanted to let you guys 
> know what was up before I went to bed. It's waaaaayyy late...

Okay, I've installed and tested these packages on my machine.  They seem 
to work okay on a small test project -- both stable version and devel 
version.  Also, all four packages perform as well as they each ever have 
on their own make check's:

   autoconf-2.13  : expected passes 226 unexpected failures 33 (*)
   autoconf-2.52  : All 155 tests successfull
   automake-1.4p5 : All 195 tests passed
   automake-1.5   : All 323 tests passed

(*) This is the same as always.

Note that I had the version of mktemp installed.

Comments, anyone?  Corinna, does this "release" address your concerns?


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