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Lapo Luchini
Sat Oct 20 02:59:00 GMT 2001

> Would you consider expanding your README file to provide this
> information?  Then we could tell the rsync maintainers to get rid of
> that web page altogether.  (Or better, replace it with a pointer to
> Cygwin.)  I don't like to put information like this in the FAQ.

Of course.
I just wrote a small HOWTO for a friend that's not too capable with unix
& cygwin and I can extend it and update the readme.

> Thanks again for maintaining rsync.  I use it myself.  (Though not in
> daemon mode, otherwise I would volunteer to write those instructions
> myself.)

Well I've not had the time to study it thoroughly to solve the one
problem I'm aware of (rsync:// daemon mode in cygwin), but version 2.4.7
is so close that maybe a patch isn't worth the work.

Instruction proposal:

Using CygWin official distro you can easily have an rsync daemon under
You need the packages "rsync" (rsync itself) and "cygrunsrv" (replaces
srvany.exe to install and manage Windows services).

1. use to install (at least) the following
packages (take care that the default is "install everything"): cygwin,
rsync, cygrunsrv, bash [also bash could be useful for point 1, but what
other packages are NEEDED?]

2. create your /etc/rsyncd.conf text file similiar to this one ("man
rsyncd.conf" for more info, be careful that the proposed setup exposes
ALL the file system to the anonymous user)

use chroot = false
strict modes = false
hosts allow = *

path = /usr/pub/rsync/
read only = yes
list = yes

3. create the service writing the following in your bash: cygrunsrv -I
"RSYNC Daemon" -p /usr/bin/rsync -a '--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon'

4. you should now be able to start/stop the service either using the
control panel, microsoft's "net" command or cygwin's "cygrunsrv" command

someone has something to add?

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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