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Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Oct 20 06:40:00 GMT 2001

Guten Tag Lapo Luchini,

Am 2001-10-20 um 11:59 schrieben Sie:

> Instruction proposal:


> 1. use to install (at least) the following
> packages (take care that the default is "install everything"): cygwin,
> rsync, cygrunsrv, bash [also bash could be useful for point 1, but what

rsync, cygrunsrv, ash and also bash ...

> other packages are NEEDED?]

Which compression is used by rsync, built in?  zlib is a .dll so you
will need it if rsync is linked against zlib.

> 2. create your /etc/rsyncd.conf text file similiar to this one ("man

That will need packages 'man' and some terminal related stuff.

> rsyncd.conf" for more info, be careful that the proposed setup exposes
> ALL the file system to the anonymous user)

> use chroot = false
> strict modes = false
> hosts allow = *

> [backup]
> path = /usr/pub/rsync/
> read only = yes
> list = yes

> 3. create the service writing the following in your bash: cygrunsrv -I
> "RSYNC Daemon" -p /usr/bin/rsync -a '--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon'

cygrunsrv -I rsyncd -d "RSYNC Daemon" -p /usr/bin/rsync \
 -a '--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon' -e CYGWIN='binmode tty ntsec'
> 4. you should now be able to start/stop the service either using the
> control panel, microsoft's "net" command or cygwin's "cygrunsrv" command

> someone has something to add?

see above.

> Suggestions?

Some hints for selfbuilders?


Gerrit P. Haase                  

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