Is cygwin1.dll backward compatible?

Dario Alcocer
Sat Oct 20 07:33:00 GMT 2001

I have a custom application that was compiled with the 1.1.8-2 version
of the Cygwin DLL.  I've since upgraded the Cygwin DLL to 1.3.2.  The
custom app seems to run fine under 1.3.2, but I'm worried that there
might be some potential problems lurking in this setup.

So, is cygwin1.dll designed for this type of backward compatibility?
Do all applications which where compiled for version A of cygwin1.dll
need to be re-compiled to run with version B of cygwin1.dll?

I've never seen any of the app tar balls be re-done whenever the DLL
changes, but I wanted to make sure that this was by design.

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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