Autotools; new versions

Charles Wilson
Mon Oct 22 08:05:00 GMT 2001

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> I take it this (libtool that does DLLs) isn't a released package yet. 

Kinda.  libtool-1.4(.2?) and earlier -- back to some indeterminate 
version -- supported building DLLs in a *nontransparent* way.  See the 
goat book for more info.

Uses dlltool/dllwrap internally.

> Is it libtool CVS or is it a R.Collins patched CVS?  I forget.

Currently, R.Collins patched CVS mostly works, using the new tricks in 
gcc (-shared) and ld (auto-import/auto-export).  Doesn't use 
dlltool/dllwrap.  However, it's a fork from the 1.4 branch, 
pre-MLB-merge; therefore, it will take some effort to forward-port 
Robert's stuff to the current 1.5ish libtool CVS.

Gary Vaughan is on the case, and Robert and I are corresponding with him.

>>One step at a time, Earnie.
> Right, hmm..., I think this has been discussed previously, sorry.

No prob.


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