cURL 7.9 is packaged

Robert Collins
Wed Oct 24 23:27:00 GMT 2001

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> Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 3:04 PM
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> Subject: cURL 7.9 is packaged
> Hi there. I think I'm finally done (for now) with making any necessary
> cygwin related changes to curl 7.9, and I have it fully 
> packaged up and
> am ready to announce at

Cool. I presume thae once the new package moratorium is lifted you will
contribute these tarballs for setup.exe installation? (I recall that
being your intent, but just want to confirm).
> Before I actually announce it (considering this is my first 
> time), would
> at least one of you kind souls consider downloading a copy of the
> tarballs from the web site and take a quick peek to verify 
> I've got all
> my ducks in a row as far as packaging is concerned?

I'll do so from home. For now here is a quick list that you can

1) Text mode/bin mode patches applied to curl and tested on (at a
minimum) a text mode install of cygwin. (Note you can alter your install
in-place by using mount.exe and no harm should occur as long as you do
your test run and then revert). This checks that curl won't corrupt
files when saving them to disk on text mode installs; or get confused
reading stuff from /etc in the same instance. automode.o is a compromise
you can use, but I've never seen a situation where it *simply* works. 
2) If curl does not support per user settings files (ie ~/.curl) then
the system wide config file is not in the archive in the /etc dir,
rather it is something like /etc/curl-config.default. This is to prevent
trashing folk's configs later on.
3) There is a file /usr/doc/cygwin/Curl-ver.txt that lists any patches
that aren't in the main curl tree, and lists the configure options used
to build curl. The src package should have those patches already
applied, and copies of the patches to allow them to be backed out if
4) Permissions on the files - +x etc - are correct. If you made the
package from a FAT drive, then this will probably work, but under NT if
the package has any incorrect bits, tar will propogate that :}.
5) The src extracts to /usr/src/curl-7.9-1-cygwin.  (Why the -cygwin

> This has been quite a learning experience for me. I've 
> appreciated your
> assistance, and I hope I haven't annoyed you all too much with my
> questions.

Not at all.


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