cURL 7.9 is packaged

Roth, Kevin P.
Wed Oct 24 23:45:00 GMT 2001

> I presume thae once the new package moratorium is lifted you will
> contribute these tarballs for setup.exe installation?


> 1) Text mode/bin mode patches applied to curl and tested on 
> (at a minimum) a text mode install of cygwin. (Note you can 
> alter your install in-place by using mount.exe and no harm 
> should occur as long as you do your test run and then revert). 
> This checks that curl won't corrupt files when saving them to 
> disk on text mode installs; or get confused reading stuff from 
> /etc in the same instance. 

I had already found some text/bin mode issues related to the
"make test" process that I got corrected in the source tree.
(won't show up in the 7.9-1 package, but it will in the 7.9.1-1
package that I will probably put together in the next couple weeks).

However, I hadn't though to verify this behavior for user prefs
or output files. Thanks for the reminder - I'll check some of this.

> 2) If curl does not support per user settings files (ie ~/.curl)...

Actually, AFAIK there aren't any system-wide config files applicable.
Just an optional ~/.curlrc file.

> 4) Permissions on the files - +x etc - are correct. If you made 
> the package from a FAT drive, then this will probably work, but
> under NT if the package has any incorrect bits, tar will propogate 
> that :}.

Hmmm. I did build on an NTFS partition, however I do have a FAT
partition readily available if need be. Are these issues documented
already (in the FAQ, User's Guide, or a previous ML post)? I hadn't
heard of this issue before.

> 5) The src extracts to /usr/src/curl-7.9-1-cygwin.  (Why the
>  -cygwin BTW?)

The "-cygwin" is because the maintainer of the cURL web site keeps
all downloadable files in a single directory, and wanted something
in the actual file-name to differentiate from one pkg to another.
Once it's hosted at sources.redhat, this will obviously change.

>From looking at other pkgs, it seems the source should extract 
to ./curl-7.9 (without the cygwin-specific "-1" and without 
the fully qualified path). Is my assumption correct?


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