Source package directory naming [WAS: Re: cURL 7.9 is packaged]

Earnie Boyd
Thu Oct 25 04:59:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Roth, Kevin P. [ ]
> > From looking at other pkgs, it seems the source should extract
> > to ./curl-7.9 (without the cygwin-specific "-1" and without
> > the fully qualified path). Is my assumption correct?
> Uhmm good question. I'm not sure. Place the curl tarballs in a directory
> with setup.exe and no setup.ini. Run setup.exe and choose to install
> from local - it should find curl and let you play around. As for the -1,
> I think opinions are divided in the list members, personally I don't
> care - as long as you never released a curl-7.9-2 that has different
> source (ie with a minor patch applied).

I've noticed that the source packages are inconsistent.  That doesn't
mean that they should stay inconsistent.  The source package directory
should reflect the name of the packages.  So for this curl package you
would want your source directory named curl-7.9-1.  Robert stated that
it didn't matter to him, but it does matter to some of which I am one.


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