Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Aug 1 19:11:00 GMT 2002

Well, no thanks to you bozos I fixed my own problems. These packages
are ready to upload. They are a *major* upgrade from the other cygwin-doc
package in that they now include the newlib man pages and the HTML FAQ,
User's Guide, and API Reference. I tracked down upset and now
is a real alternate-install mirror.


@ cygwin-doc
sdesc: "Cygwin-specific documentation, including man pages and User's Guide"
ldesc: "The man pages for Cygwin, including the intro pages,
cygwin utilities, and api reference. Also the Cygwin FAQ and
User's Guide in HTML and text formats.
category: Doc
requires: cygwin man gzip sed newlib-man cygutils

@ newlib-man
sdesc: "OBSOLETE: Man pages for some system functions"
category: Doc
requires: cygwin-doc

And the URLs:

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