Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Aug 1 20:01:00 GMT 2002

> >>How would you feel about including the libc*.info and files
> >>in cygwin-doc?
> >
> >Well, not so good after I realized that I can't build them on my
> >machine.  I read your newlib mailing list post and thought, "Hey,
> >that's weird, I don't remember seeing errors building newlib/doc..."
> >and then looked around and realized I've never built the info files in
> >the first place.  I can try to do so with a couple pointers, of course.
> >:)
> It should just be a "make info install-info", I think.  That's all that
> I do.  It seems to be working now.

I feel silly now. I was doing "make info" from inside the doc subdir,
not from newlib/ itself. Sure, let me get the packages put together, and
I'll do those. What about coordinating with the cygwin package to
prevent overlap?

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