Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Aug 1 20:47:00 GMT 2002

> >I'll do those. What about coordinating with the cygwin package to
> >prevent overlap?
> Hmm.  Good point.  I guess I should release a 1.3.12-3 without those
> packages.
> I'll do that right now.

OK, I've got the packages with /usr/info/lib* and install-info in
the postinstall script. I also put install-info --delete in the preremove
script... is this necessary and should all packages be doing this?
There might be the minor problem of people getting errors about libc/m
already existing in /usr/info/dir if they want to keep an old version of the
cygwin package, but that's OK I think. If you don't then you can put
a specific cygwin version in the requires, I guess. The URLs I gave
before are still correct. I thought about changing the version to -2, but
decided it was too much work. :)

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