Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Aug 1 21:23:00 GMT 2002

> One thing that occurred to me is that we should probably, in the
> interest of disk space, be compressing the man and info pages with gzip
> (or even bzip2 if man/info support it), shouldn't we?  That's what Red
> Hat and other distributions do.

I thought about this for about 1.5 seconds when I was messing with the
script to delete the /usr/man/catX/ pages. I'll look into it more to
see what would be required (if anything).

> I meant to ask if you would mind mentioning the fact that the "new"
> 1.3.12-3 cygwin release has only deleted the info files in favor of
> cygwin-doc when you send your message to cygwin-announce.  I don't think
> it is worth sending another cygwin release announcement just for this since
> there were no other changes to the package.

Sure. I'll probably do the announcement sometime tomorrow.

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