proposal for GNU emacs 21.2 package

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Wed Aug 7 13:01:00 GMT 2002

What kind of size are we talking about here with all the dlls? 
I believe this was an issue with the ksh-ast package...

Also, would it make sense to split the non-X and X11 into separate

I also might recomment making your ldesc the sdesc and grabbing a 
good ldesc from somewhere else.

--- Joe Buehler <> wrote:
> I am proposing a new Cygwin package for GNU emacs 21.2, covering
> both X11 and non-X modes of operation.
> Here is a proposed setup.hint file:
> sdesc: "GNU emacs"
> category: Editors
> requires: cygwin
> ldesc: "Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time
> display editor."
> Note that it depends on cygwin only, because the other dlls are shipped
> with it, in an emacs-private directory, because they must be rebased so emacs
> will
> work properly.  This is due to the way that emacs represents pointers
> internally -- objects in the data segment must reside below 0x10000000,
> and this gets violated when the Windows loader relocates dlls.
> Joe Buehler

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