CMake 1.4-3 (Initial investigation)

Nicholas Wourms
Tue Aug 13 10:31:00 GMT 2002

William A. Hoffman wrote:

>Thanks for the feedback.   
>We have some man pages that we use for the debian release of cmake.
>I can add them to this release as well.   There are no patches for cygwin.
>I can copy the rtf/pdf, (which would be better?)   Are there size restrictions?
Sure, size is not an issue.  People will download it if they want it. 
 You might want to add a line to your to copy those files. 
 I'd include both so that people could view either one.  Just make sure 
to create a CYGWIN-PATCHES directory in the src package to contain the 
compile instructions and setup.hint.

As I said, I'm hoping someone else will take a more in-depth look to see 
if I'm missing anything.


P.S. - Keep replies on the list to allow everyone in on the discussion.

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