ITP: LilyPond 1.5.73

Nicholas Wourms
Thu Aug 15 05:14:00 GMT 2002

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

>>So, may we have your votes and comments please.
>I installed this by adding as a mirror
>and it all seemed to go fine. The examples (-1,-2,-3) compiled correctly and 
>looked great in acroread. I also tried a couple of the mutopia files, which
>seemed fine to my untrained eye. My only question is the ".midi" files
>are these supposed to be sound files? 
>This definitely has my vote, giving anyone with a Windows machine and 
>free disk space a good music publishing system, too, is great! 
>Thanks for all your work, Jan.
>Joshua Daniel Franklin
>(Wrote thesis in LaTeX.)
I completely agree with JDF, as this package gets my vote, too.  I'd 
like to add that I do so because it absolutely *rocks* that Jan is 
taking over a complex distribution like teTeX/LaTeX, despite the fact 
Cygwin is *not* the primary platform for this individual.  I don't know 
many contributors out there who would be willing to put such a large 
commitment into a project that they use infrequently [if at all]. 
 Eventhough I've not been blessed with musical talent, if this makes 
Jan's life easier, then I'm all for it!


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