ITP: LilyPond 1.5.73

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Fri Aug 16 01:50:00 GMT 2002

Joshua Daniel Franklin <> writes:

> 'file' give the same output on my machine, but none of my media
> players get any sound.

That's odd.

> MIDI files are a simple format, right?  I shouldn't need any special
> software/hardware?

The format is very simple: note-start delay note-stop and then some.
But to make any good use of it, you need samples of the instruments
used.  A lot of soundcards nowadays also have samples.

> WinAMP and Windows Media Player act like they're playing the files
> but there isn't any sound.

I'm not a Windows user, but aren't those programs both proprietary
crapware?  Have you tried a Free Software player?  There are software
players that come with samples, eg timidity

> I verified that my volume isn't muted; I can play WAV files, MP3,
> etc. just fine.  Don't know if this is really much of a show-stopper
> since the point of lilypond is to typeset the music, AFAIKT.

No, I don't think that it's a showstopper, I still suspect (hope) it's
your players.  Could you please send me the MIDI file personally, so
that I may verify it?


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