cygwin gcc-3.2 patch for libjava/acinclude.m4

Billinghurst, David (CRTS)
Tue Aug 20 08:17:00 GMT 2002

Installing libjava fails on the cygwin-mingw-gcc-3_2-branch because
EXEEXT is not set in the libjava Makefile.  This was fixed on the
mainline with this patch.

OK to apply?

2002-08-20  David Billinghurst <>

	Backport of mainline change of 2002-05-05
	* acinclude.m4: Run AC_EXEEXT.
	* aclocal.m4, configure: Regenerate.

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/libjava/acinclude.m4,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1. acinclude.m4
--- acinclude.m4        8 Jul 2002 05:22:33 -0000
+++ acinclude.m4        20 Aug 2002 12:36:42 -0000
@@ -144,20 +144,7 @@


-# We need AC_EXEEXT to keep automake happy in cygnus mode.  However,
-# at least currently, we never actually build a program, so we never
-# need to use $(EXEEXT).  Moreover, the test for EXEEXT normally
-# fails, because we are probably configuring with a cross compiler
-# which cant create executables.  So we include AC_EXEEXT to keep
-# automake happy, but we don't execute it, since we don't care about
-# the result.
-if false; then
-  # autoconf 2.50 runs AC_EXEEXT by default, and the macro expands
-  # to nothing, so nothing would remain between `then' and `fi' if it
-  # were not for the `:' below.
-  :

 # sets the following important variables
 #      libgcj_cflags    - host specific C compiler flags

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