Pierre A. Humblet Pierre.Humblet@ieee.org
Sun Aug 25 23:06:00 GMT 2002

Thanks to all who provided comments.

Here it is, still learning... It's a test version.

# Exim-4.10-1 setup.hint
sdesc: "A Mail Transfer Agent."
ldesc: "A Mail Transfer Agent similar to sendmail.
See www.exim.org.
This version is compiled with perl and tls/ssl support."
test: 4.10-1
category: Mail
requires: cygwin perl openssl


I followed the suggestions, except for bind/minires...
There was no consensus about what to do about that,
so I included minires as part of the exim executable. 
That solution is the easiest one to revert.

Other comments 

About DnsQuery:
>> Windows issue. The Windows DNSQuery function 
>> has an argument, pReserved, described as 
>> "[in, out] Returned response in original wire format. This parameter is
>> optional."
>Hmmm, it's INOUT so I assume it could be a pointer to a buffer which
>has to be created by you or it has to be a pointer to a pointer which
>is set by the function.  I don't see another choice.  Did you try
>both variations?

Yes. If I provide any non-zero pReserved value I get an error, 
Invalid Parameter.

About bind:
>I realize bind would potentially be a lot of trouble for the
>maintainer (daemons tend to be), but I'd really like to have bind and
>bind-utils packages included. I've also had one person ask me if Cygwin had
>'dig' since that's a command he used a lot on linux. 

I think most users would prefer not to have another daemon, but I
agree that the tools would be useful.
Dig and bind are already packaged for Windows (not a Cygwin port). 
A third party has tried linking exim against the dlls in that
package, without success (I don't know any details).
I looked into compiling dig with minires, but I immediately gave up :(


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