/bin/ssh-host-config (was: Re: Exim)

Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Mon Aug 26 07:56:00 GMT 2002

Corinna schrieb:

> On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 01:59:04PM +0200, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> See the openssh(daemon) config script (/bin/ssh-host-config) how to create
>> Windows users out of a Cygwin script (though it doesn't work for me on NT4...).

> If it doesn't work for you on NT4, why did you never tell or send a patch
> to get it working there, too?

My problem is generally that I have unset all Windows PATH settings
in the Cygwin environment.  The fix would be to add the Windows System
Directory to PATH in the script or to call 'net ...' with full path,
that is: get the system/user cygdrive-prefix, get the system version if
needed, get the system drive and the call:
'/<cygdrive-prefix>/<system-drive>/WINNT/system32/net ...'


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