procps-010801 package

Nicholas Wourms
Tue Aug 27 10:07:00 GMT 2002

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>Ok, anybody looked into this and/or votes for inclusion?

I've checked it out, and it installs fine.  I'd be wary about using a 
lowercase "c" in /usr/doc/cygwin [should be /usr/doc/Cygwin], but I 
think someone already mentioned this.  After installing, I tried some of 
the utils on WindowsME running the latest cvs-built dll.  "procps" works 
fine except for the HZ warning message which was previously discussed 
[Unknown HZ value! (0) Assume 100.].  "top" displays the processes, but 
every process stat is 0.   I can't remeber if this was already 
discussed.  The free/used system memory statistics are accurate, 
though.   The source package is ok, but it would probably be a good idea 
to include the build instructions (however obvious they may seem) in the 
CYGWIN-PATCHES dir.  Still, IMHO, these utilities are core to cygwin and 
efforts to integrate with the default ps would be nice.  Cygwin is 
sorely in need of a good top utility, so this one gets my vote.  I 
certainly can't ever remeber being on a *nix box without top & friends.


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