TCP Wrappers

Prentis Brooks
Thu Feb 7 11:16:00 GMT 2002

Thanks Chuck, If you don't mind my cut and paste with little to no 
modifications, I will take your suggestions, they sound better than my last 
clean up.

On Thursday 07 February 2002 01:53 pm, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Prentis Brooks wrote:
> > Alright,
> > 	finally read over the setup.html file and built up the src and binary
> > packages.  Writing up the setup.hint file now.  I have the following:
> >
> > # TCP Wrappers
> > @ tcp_wrappers_7.6
> This line is not necessary -- it is created in setup.ini by the upset
> script; it doesn't need to appear in setup.hint
> > sdesc: "TCP Wrappers"
> You don't need to put the name into the descriptions anymore; setup.exe
> will automatically add the name.  I would suggest
> sdesc: "Tool to provide host based access restrictions in tcp services"
> ldesc: "With this package you can monitor and filter incoming requests
> for the
> network services.
> The package provides tiny daemon wrapper programs that can be installed
> without any changes to existing software or to existing configuration
> files.  The wrappers report the name of the client host and of the
> requested service; the wrappers do not exchange information with the
> client or server applications, and impose no overhead on the actual
> conversation between the client and server applications."
> > ldesc: "TCP Wrappers: Tool to provide host based access restrictions to
> > tcp base
> > d services"
> > skip:
> > curr: 7.6
> > prev:
> > test:
> You don't need to specify these at all.  The upset script will figure it
> out and put "the right thing" into setup.ini.  You only need to specify
> these manually within setup.hint if the upset parser gets it wrong.
> > category:
> > requires:
> category: Net
> requires: cygwin
> > Does what I have look right, and what category should I put this into?  I
> > don't think this requires much beyond cygwin.  Going to look at the
> > setup.ini to see if there are other requirements that make sense.
> >
> > Feedback appreciated.
> --Chuck

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